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Durational morning broadcasts:

A cold start: Ice Bathing in Germany
The Avant Garden goes on Ice. A Rebel Radio Selection.

Open Call Contributions and Miscellanies

Shorter pieces, lullabies, poems and field recordings

Guests in the Studio between 12 and 4 pm (Finnish Time):

  • Anita Hannunen – Residence Coordinator
  • Mika Tepponen – Head of the Merkanto Opisto, the Mänttä Music School
  • Tomi Voronin – Poet
  • Kirsi-Klaudia Kangas


  • Sleigh rides with and without horses
  • The Twilight Hour – with Merja Kääniäinen and Hannu, Keijo and Leevi Tuominen
  • Blinis & Moose: Food preparations and lunch with Tiina Nyrhinen, Anita Hannunen, Pauli Sivonen
  • Organ pieces played by Kaja Jantsikene in the Mäntta church
  • An introduction to the tradition of yoik singing by Kirsi-Klaudia Kangas
  • Kirsi Poutanen. A talk about Weeping Songs and Fado. With an introduction and a weeping song from quite another part of the globe, recorded by Mahlet Hates I as well as a lament about a very contemporary disaster: a corona weeping song, courtesy Emmi Kuittinen
  • The Upside Down Awake Fake World. A talk with Tixa Juka

Afternoon Ghosts
From noisy to eery to pareidolic phenomena whispers and revisiting dreams: More selections from the open call contributions.

Preparing for Mars

Last night studies and a phone talk

From 7 pm: Aelita II with Marold Langer-Philippsen

OPEN CALL contributions (non-binding) by :

  • Blanc Sceol via Charlotte Law
  • Chrisse Candolin
  • DJ Shlucht and Auguste Vickunaite
  • Eliot Hernandez
  • Felipe Otondo
  • Nate_Drums
  • Jaana Korhonen
  • Joan Schuman
  • Kate Donovan
  • Kirsimaria E. Törönen
  • Leon Crowes
  • Michael Begg
  • Pink Twins
  • Ricardo de Armas
  • Scant Intone
  • Silo Portem
  • Sound Art Class Björn Eriksson
  • Stelios Ginannolakis
  • Steves Bates
  • Tiina Tapio
  • Trihn Lo
  • Jimmy Galvin
  • Duncan Chapman
  • David Rothenberg and Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu
  • Ursula Rogg

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„One two three: Kaaaamo-ss Radiooo!“ Kaamos Radio started into its 14-hour session with a joint shout by all studio guests present as there were:

  • Anita Hannunen – Residence coordinator of the Serlachius museums
  • Matti Kivilahti – Poet, priest of the local community, and teacher of a writing class
  • Tomi Vorinen – Poet and founder of the Mäntää Poets Association (with Matti)
  • Kari Soino – Visual artist from Helsinki and resident artist
  • Tyyra Juka – mushroom expert and textile artist, Ruovesi
  • Tixa Juka – vocal improvisor and feeling dealer, Ruovesi
Studio View

By and by all had gathered in the studio which was set up on the first floor of the Serlachius Residency artist premises, the door to the balcony was opened to ensure a fresh drift of air through the room; there was a sofa, several chairs, and an atmosphere of general excitement and anticipation. Tixa set up the gear for his up-coming performance, involving a table record player and a reindeer horn fixed in a clamp to the table. His wife Tyyra – having brought in a medium sized and promising looking suitcase – settled into the office chair with her knitting work and the two poets comfortably lounged on the sofa.

Anita uploading some social news

The broadcast began with a Karelian lament song, performed by the Helsinki artist Kirsi Poutanen. (The talk with her will form part of the program on the 20th of February.) Anita Hannunen started out to give a description of the studio from memory with her eyes closed, congenially translated by Kari. Anita had facilitated many of Kaamos Radio’s recordings in the town and vicinity of Mänttä, and together with her horse Lissu we had taken a sleigh ride.

Kari Sonio
Kari Soinio talking about his daily snow walk

Kari Soinio is a photographer but currently he is working on a video about memory and personal resilience. Every day he walks the 3 km that separate the resident’s home at the Gösta Serlachius Museum to the studio close to the Gustav Serlachius Museum. It’s a long winding path along the shores of the lake, and one keeps walking in the footsteps of so and so many predecessors in a kind 40 cm deep furrow in the snow. The sound sounds and resounds differently with changes in temperature and humidity. And in a way, so do the musings of the walker.

Poets must wear black…

Matti Kivilahti had written to me some weeks earlier and had sent three poems about ‘kaamos’… and that’s how our acquaintanceship started. Next to being a poet, Matti is also the priest (one out of four) of the Mänttä-Vilppula community and he is teaching a writing class. He came and brought his friend and colleague Tomi Vuorinen. Both performed their own poems, the translations were spoken by Tixa. Tomi also sang a poem by the poet Eino Leino, his deep voice ringing out beautifully through the room.

This ‘Poet’s Hour’ was spiced up with the playing of several compositions by some of the Open Call artists. Kaamos Radio has received more than 35 pieces, including also a set of poems by the local poetess Jaana Korhonen. Not all of these could be played, they will be features more extensively in the afternoon of the 20th.
Tomi is also the founder of the Mänttä Poet’s Association and he has been writing poems for more than 35 years. “You can say very deep things with very few words. I am a lazy man!” he says with a wink. Both also explained the concept behind ‘Poem Karaoke’: “It is NOT a contest!”, they jointly exclaimed. There is also a beer name “Kuu” which means “moon” and has a poem on its label, which was consequently read.

Steinpilzkekse! Ich hab das Rezept!

Tyyra Juka is an expert on multileveled planes of knowledge: She is a member of the Finnish Mycological Society and mushroom number 7263 (sienineuvoja). She is a resource producer by profession and also a member of the board of local corvesation of nature-society (Suomen luonnonsuojeluyhdistys, Virtain-Ruovesden luonnonsuojeluhdistys ry.)

The suitcase she has brought with her is really a “Pieni Sienet Kauppa”, a little mushroom shop. For us in the studio and for our listeners she takes out one piece after the other. For example different kinds of dried mushrooms of which she explains their uses: Mushrooms for making ink, mushroom dyes (three colours alone from one specimen), “tähti” (Boletus) biscuits, mushroom dyed organic wool – her knitwork turned out to be a sock in the making with a mushroom pattern –… On my questioning Tyyra also explained that there are indeed “talvi sienet”, mushrooms growing during winter, even eatable ones that pop up as soon as a patch of snow has melted into the soil. In the course of our talk we tasted from her salads and muffins, and I must say, the taste of a sweet and salty, vegan (!) boletus biscuit is indescribably marvelous!

After so much tasty food it was time for an evening coffee which all enjoyed very much, some of us rather staying with their winter beers, why not!

The Feeling Dealer’s set up

Feeling dealer (“but only for the happy feelings”) Tixa went to work with a small saw, sawing the reindeer bone attached to his performance table. Before that, he held a little introductions as to why for reindeers there is no such thing as darkness as we perceive it: Their eyes have a special retina, which makes them “hundred eyed”, and this ability helps them to stay orientated and fed during the arctic winters. He played a piece titled “pohlejoka punka”, derived from a performance earlier in 2020, and he used his voice and several instruments to accompany it live. A poem-tale written by Tyyra’s mother about three sisters going into the forest still added an additional layer to the concert, read by Tixa and Tyyra (then in English) in turns.

There is also a fish bone used as instrument

The sad moment came when all the guests had to say Goodbye, which happened around 11 pm Helsinki time. Still, you will meet some of them again on your radio this Saturday. Kaamos Radio continued its program with the presentation of further contributions from the open call, an arctic opera among them as well as recordings in the field of sonic anthropology.

Around 1 am the moment came when the Kaamos stream was handed over to Bratislava: “Aelita” being the title of a brand new, durational night performance of the artist Marold Langer-Philippsen. In a little phone conversation, he told us about his planned journey to Mars, herby following the narrative outline of Aelita, or The Decline of Mars, a 1923 science fiction novel by Russian author Aleksey Tolstoy. I sent him on his way with a lullaby sung by Chrisse Candolin, about a blue car taking the children to dreamland.

Morning found me at 7 am with sleepy eyes at the microphone. An orchestra of refrigerators was still broadcasting as part of the night program, leaving Mr Langer-Philippsen in the midst of his Marsian journey. Despite some technical problems, the morning was celebrated by another – and final – durational radio art piece. Night Call by Kate Donovan listened from a Berlin garden to “the one who listens”, in that case, eavesdropping on the female nightingale.

Kaamos Radio will continue its excursions into the local arts and artist scene of Mänttä on Saturday, 20th of February, from 10 am (9 am CET) to 1am (midnight CET) on the 21st  – including many stunning and intricate compositions dedicated to the many-layered fabrics of winter. The second part of “Aelita” will start at 7 pm.

Please stay tuned and look out for the up-dated (!) program schedule on Friday evening.

Next to diverse field recordings from Mänttä and other places in Finland, there were played:

  • Karelian Lament Song – an improvisation by Kirsi Poutanen
  • The Happy Squirrel, sung by by Merja Kääriäinen
  • Stories in Colours: D15/Winter 1998
  • Vernon and Burns – A wrong turn towards eternity
  • Tom Miller – A Meditation on Darkness
  • Tom Miller – In Deep Taiga by L.M. Likhachev
  • Katuvalot I – Jaana Korhonen (poem)
  • Michael Begg – Last Dance under the Moon
  • Jane Foley/warlock Fulltime – Voice from the edge of a frozen Lake
  • Elmo Panainen – Heptagonal Winter
  • Elmo Panainen – Snow
  • Joost van Duppen – Sisa Ulko
  • Constantine Katsiris – Dorothy
  • Niina Nokkonen: Ilta Kahvi
  • Elmo Panainen – Heptagonal WInter
  • La Claud – Valo Nukatah, an Arctic Opera
  • Sebastian Pafundo – Borealiinen
  • Konrad Behr – Bauhaus.fm Orchestra/Radio Helsinki: Refrigerator Concert
  • Kate Donovan – Nightcall Radio

Jingles spoken by

Kari Soinio
Leevi Tuominen
Sophea Lerner

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Dear all and dear Open Call Artists,

(Übersetzung folgt) there have been rumours and yes, it is true: There will be two Kaamos shows and they will be not be identical :)
Here comes a program sketch for both days. As this is all quite in the making. Changes might occur.
Kaamos Radio can be heard on:
https://datscharadio.de and: openradio/live.in
But here we go… already with some sounds!

February 13-14 The NIGHT Broadcast

Jingles spoken by (this is for both events):

  • Kari Soinio
  • Leevi Tuominen
  • Sophea Lerner

Guests in the studio:

  • Anita Hannunen – Serlachius Museum
  • Kari Soinio – artist in residence
  • Tixa Juka – feeling dealer
  • Tyyra Juka – mushroom expert
  • Matti Kivilahti + 1 (or 2) – poet, teacher and priest

Night Stream Special:

Aelita by Marold Langer-Philippsen

Composers and Contributors:

  • Brainquake
  • Elmo Holopainen
  • Felipe Otondo
  • Jaana Korhonen
  • Jane Foley / Warlock Fulltime
  • Kate Donovan
  • Michael Begg
  • Konrad Behr / Rundfunkorchester Weimar
  • La Claud
  • Sebastien Pafundo
  • Stories in Colour
  • Tom Miller
  • Trihn Lo
  • Vernon & Burns

February 20 The Day Broadcast

A focus is put on shows and recording made by and with the local people of Mänttä/Vilppula and Ruovesi.
Also, a special on Karelian lament songs – with artist Krisi Poutanen – is in preparation.

Guests (so far): Mika Tepponen – Merikanto -Opisto; Anita Gratzer, artist in residence; Tomi Voronin (Poet Society Mänttä-Vilppula)

Evening Stream Special from 7pm to midnight:

Aelita (2nd part of the journey) by Marold Langer-Philippsen

Composers and contributors

  • Björn Eriksson (and sound art class: Cecilia Enberg, Anna Lindkvist, Amanda Nowèn, Lisa W. Carlson, Louise Ölund, Karl Åberg )
  • Blanc Sceol, in collaboration with Charlotte Wendy Law and James Worse
  • Eliot Hernandez
  • Nate_Live_Drum
  • Joan Schuman
  • Jaana Korhonen
  • Joost van Duppen
  • Kirsimaria Törönen
  • David Rothenberg and Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu 
  • Duncan Chapman
  • Leon Crowes
  • Pink Twins
  • Ricardo de Armas
  • Silo Portem
  • Stelios Giannoulakis
  • Steve Bates
  • Steve Transcoder
  • Ursula Rogg
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Kaamos – dies bedeutet so viel wie arktische Nacht, Schwermut, Dunkelheit, ja, und auch irgendwie “Lock-down”. Eine Geschichte der Samen in Lappland berichtet von der Sonne, die sich während dieser Tage in ein Nest hinter dem Horizont zurück zieht. Andere sagen, es sei die Zeit, in der die Erde lange und tief einatmet und Kraft zu schöpfen… während sie im Sommer ausatmet – und ihren Odem in die Planzen und Tiere der Erde bläst, um sie zu neuer Lebendigkeit zu erwecken.

Was immer nun während dieser 14-stündigen Sendung passiert, die dem Winter und seinem langen, tiefen Atem gewidmet ist, es wird gemächlich vonstatten gehen.

Wichtig: Wir beginnen in Mänttä um 19 Uhr Ortszeit; in Deutschland ist es dann 18 Uhr (CET) und entsprechend andere Zeiten an anderen Orten halt.

Eine Aussicht aufs leicht schneeverwehte Programm sei hiermit gegeben, legt Decken und Kissen schon mal bereit:

7-9 Mänttä People Open Doors

Anita Hannunen, Representative Serlachius Residency. Anita took me on a sleigh ride around the small island here in front of the Einola house. It was a kick sled, and while I set comfortable on the tiny wooden seat, she pushed the sled while telling me about ‘kaamos’ and her horse Lissu…

Kari Soinio (Artist in Residence). Kari is a visual artist based in Helsinki. We mostly meet at breakfast, neither of us talking much. And we meet in the evenings talking more – ocasionally. He will introduce his work to us and maybe talk about the different kinds of snow in this region of the world.

Tyyra Juka will join us with her husband Tixa and bring some mushroom samples along. Do mushrooms grow during wintertime too, I wonder? Tyyra will know the answers. She is a nature resource producer by profession and mushroom counsellor number 7263 (sienineuvoja). She is also member of the board of Local Conservation of Nature Society (Suomen luonnonsuojeluyhdistys, Virtain-Ruovesden luonnonsuojeluhdistys ry.) And as well a member of the Finnish Mycological Society (Suomen sieniseura ry.).

Matti Kivilahti is a poet and a teacher and a priest. He wrote to me sending three poems about the ‘kaamos” state of mind and feeling. We will listen and talk and translate and exchange our thoughts. He will bring a guest along who is also a writer. Hyvä!!!

The Open Call! More than 30 compositions reached Kaamos Radio, all of them special: from ice swimming to artic opera, from time-warped Berlin punk (?) poetry to orchestral fridges. And more – I cannot tell since I am still sorting out the timelines. There is a rough plan, and a list of participating artist will follow shortly in an extra post. Bear with me! Shorter pieces will be played in between the conversations (will we grab a coffee or pancake); 11pm to 1am pieces of a medium lenght will be introduced; durational pieces will accompany us in the long hours before the sun rises from its nest.

Rough schedule continued: 9-11

Tixa is a reindeer bone sawing man! Click on the audio player to the right on this page. (I am still editing the other jingle) He also catches fish, lost a jacket made to “greet the bears”, and he is a man of words and sounds. Most important: He is a ‘feeling dealer’. What feelings will he trade for us? A portable record player will be brought along, together with whatever he feels fit to make these dark times lighter for us listeners.

11-1am (still Helsinki time): Musings, Open Call, a snow cake meditation, a “Twilight talk”, sleigh rides, we’ll see… (details until Friday)

Starting from around 1am (12pm CET): Radio artist Marold Langer-Philippsen will step in at this time of the night and convert the ‘stream’ into a six hour kaamos dreaming. His piece is called “Aelita” and this is what he writes:

“Frozen bells, Aelita, and radio messages from Mars will be the base for soundscapes and stories from the void in the universe and a vast bluish Kaamos landscape.”

From approximately 7am to 8 am more selected compositions from the open call contributions will be played and you may join me in my getting up from the studio sofa bed and drinking coffee under a sky filled with the distant drones of the Mänttä paper factory.

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Aus dem Dunkel der Tasche ans Licht gehoben: Datscha Radios wundersame Dokumentation seiner Berliner Aktivitäten der Jahre 2019 und 2020 ist da! Und wir freuen uns!

Dies ist schon mal der Link zur online-Version: https://issuu.com/datscharadio/docs/datscharadio_pdf_2021_seiten

“Nachtgärtnern I-III / Radiophonien des Alls” prunkt mit zahlreichen Fotos, einem direkt aus Radiozitaten entnommenen ‘Vignetten-Parcours’, einem Essay von Kate Donovan, Vorwort und Nachwort und selbstverständlich der Liste aller teilnehmenden KünstlerInnen – im Garten und Open Call. Ein Blick auf das Inhaltsverzeichnis offenbart zugleich die geschickte Hand (und Auge) unserer Grafikerin Tiger Stangl. Enjoy!

Euch vor allem möchten wir danken – und haben für alle, die vor Ort mitgewirkt haben, ein physisches Exemplar reserviert. Daher zugleich der Aufruf an alle Berliner Mitwirkenden: Bitte schreibt uns, wann und wie ihr Euren Katalog abholen möchtet.

Wir sammeln Eure Anfragen und hoffen natürlich, dass es im späten Frühling die Möglichkeit gibt, bei einem distanzvollem Gartenfest die Dokumentation persönlich zu überreichen. Bis dahin bemühen wir uns, die Exemplare jeweils im engeren Kreise zu verteilen (sofern dies nach den geltenden Corona-Auflagen möglich ist).

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Kaamos Radio. A radiophonic journey into the (sub)arctic winter

Kuunvalo nukahti ja tähdet katosivat taivaalta. Ja maa hengitti hiljaa lumen alla.

The moonlight fell asleep and the stars disappeared from the sky. And the earth breathed quietly under the snow.

KAAMOS RADIO: An invitation
The term ‘Kaamos’ refers to the lightless period of the year (above the 60th latitude) when the sun lingers below the horizon. Kaamos is the time of darkness, of stillness and quietude and of the arctic light, a time of storytelling, contemplation and of taking a rest. A Sami legend tells us of the ‘Nest days’, because it was believed that the sun rests like an egg in its nest during that time. ‘Kaamos’ also stands for a mental state that is difficult to endure and is also used synonymously for winter depression in Finnish culture.

The town of Mäntää-Vilppula is located approximatly 180 km northeast of Tampere, on the shores of Lake Melasjärvi. It is surrounded by a sparsely populated landscape made up of forests, lakes and rivers. Temperatures in January and February go from – 20 to -2 degrees Celsius. Northern lights occur at times.  

KAAMOS RADIO will track both the phenomenon and variations of its inner states. Please share with us:

  • your theme specific compositions
  • favourite winter-time stories
  • poems and spoken word
  • recordings and investigations

Please send your files via wetransfer to kaamos@datscharadio.de.
Please provide two or three lines each about the piece and yourself including a website, if possible. Please put Kaamos Radio Contribution as a subject line.

As the project is still in its planning stage, the final dates need to be confirmed yet. Scheduled are

  • Saturday, February 13, 2021
  • Saturday, February 20, 2021

The length of the broadcasts is between 2 and 6 hours on the respective days.

Please submit your audio piece until the 3rd of February 2021

KAAMOS RADIO is a temporary radio art project located at the residency studios of the Serlachius Museum in Mänttä/Central Finland. It is initiated and maintained by the Berlin sound artist and performer Gabi Schaffner, in cooperation with Sophea Lerner (Open Radio, Helsinki), Marold Langer-Philippsen (radiolada, Bratislava) and aporee.org (Berlin)

The program will grow with the flow of the events. There is no fixed time schedule. You’ll find a list of all participating artists on the datscharadio website in due time.

Kaamos Radio is a non-commercial art and culture project. The copyright for all submitted files remains with the artists. The legal model is the Creative Commons License (see http://creativecommons.org/learn/licenses).


  • datscharadio.de
  • in collaboration with other radio stations and projects (if interested, please, let me know)


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