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… the garden does not like to stay outdoors…

Gabi Schaffner talks to Hans Kellett about the day to come. Matthew Burnett watches over the faders of the mixer, which he will not take his eyes off of for the whole day.

Fotos: Susann Richter

At noon…

… The Hidden Story Singers enter the studio to start the radio program with feminist power.

Three curators in intimate conversation

Such heavy charms cause the stream to give up which has to be revived several times on that very day.

The only cure is to take away the colour and picture the garden in black and white.

Dirk HülsTrunk talks to Shanti Suki about white noise, black blocks and gray word weed in the gaps between the lawn and outdoor tiles.

In our first Surprise Minuit the Datscha Crew gathers around the Datscha bonfire, an old gramophone that warms us up with culinary jazz classics.


For the upcoming four days we promise to pick up the plain and unspectacular sounds on the edges of perception. And we will fix the stream. Promise!


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Photo: Kate Donovan

Datscha Radio 17 is getting ready: Artist Hans Kellett has already taken a probe of the electric whispers  of the potatos, and the printer is set up to receive and translate their secret conversations. Many many things have been transported to the Datscha, the studio is furnished and the flag is flying. There is a tent to shelter us from any rain and today’s surprise: We got an extra fridge!!!! We hear us tomorrow at 12!

They do have something to tell!


Kate and Hans setting up the plant communication devices for “Greenhouse Emissions”


Weather forecast is favorable.


AB knows how everything works. Many thanks to Studio Ansage!


The Tech Team rejoices…


The donated frigde! Thank you!!!!


The tent is set up and the cat likes it.

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Photo: Peter Ihlenfeld 2012

The garden has always been a mirror of social conditions and power structures. And as diversified a society might be as varied are its gardens. On this day, Hortus Politicus, we’ll examine the existing multiplicities, get to the bottom of them, shed some light, question them and allow them to be heard.

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The only radio art festival with garden atmo: indeed.

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And so it is said, on the morning of the Seventh Day the Garden of Eden was planted. Whether it really existed or not, we will never know. We still dream of paradise gardens. And in our own gardens we seek and find a slice of heaven and happiness. But for how much longer?

At the close of the Anthropocene, characterized by climate change and the sixth wave of extinction, this biotope of ours will not be spared. Indeed it is likely to fade away. Could the much-vaunted technological progress provide us with a remedy? Or will green life continue to exist in special areas where human access is denied? What will tomorrow’s gardens look like?

Join us for an acoustic day trip to biotopes in future perfect…

Verena Kuni (Curator/Editor)
Special for Morning Chorus: Miyuki Jokiranta
Concerts and Performances: Marta Zapparoli, Plants and  Empire.
Artist of the Day: Marold Langer-Philippsen with “Archie Archive In The Garden”

[Picture: created, chosen & inserted by Gabi Schaffner]

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The Datscha garden never looked as good as this before: The lawn edges aligned to central perspective (baroque!), the wintergarden orderly, the plots free from weeds with crumbly earth, the gutters functional again…  and the rose rejoices and looks up at the clear evening sky.


  1. Subbotnik (from Russian: [sʊˈbotə] for Saturday) were days of volunteer unpaid work on weekends following the October Revolution.
  2. My indestructable thanks go to Gero, Helen, Mathias, Tiger und Tina!!!!!! You are so great!
    Your Datscha garden lady.




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Nachtschleifen ©Gabi Schaffner1 – 9 am daily
Datcha radio’s night loops are created from the submissions by our Open Call artists. We broadcast experimental and documentary works related to the theme of the preceding day for night owls, daydreamers, and early-risers. The contributions are international, of varying lengths and are aired as a two-hour loop.

To the overview:

Saturday 26th August 2017
Hortus Politicus: The focus is on sound recordings and compositions that explore and document the acoustic territory between humans and nature. 1-9 am

 Sunday 27th August 2017
“New symbioses”: snails are eating and it quietly crackles in the salad, on a beach walk along the coast of France… or is it Tasmania? The symbiotic night loop divides its attention between language, noise and the culinary. 1-9 am

 Monday 28th August 2017
“Biotopes in Future Perfect”: How can the translation of plant structures into sound be heard? What does a Sicilian tourist guide have say to the plants of their homeland? And how does it sound when a cricket called Cyclochila australasiae tires of singing? 1-9 am

Tuesday 29th August 2017
“Birds & Bees” The focus is on sound recordings and compositions that explore and document the acoustic territory between humans, nature and gardens worldwide. 1-9 am

The beginning and end of the loop are indicated by a bilingual announcement, interwoven with owl calls.



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2-4 pm

“Carte Verte” is an acoustic open stage for the garden friends of the ‘Einigkeit’ allotment association. Whoever turns up can go on air. With talks, favourite German pop songs, horticultural commentary and with recipes and expert knowledge on weather and water pumps.

Under the title of ‘Pollination Trips’ the garden poet Hans Kellett will listen around the gardens and arrange his vocal herbarium into new poems everyday. Plus: bbq, coffee, snacks. Happy to accept donations.


Foto: Auguste Knust
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