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A Garden of Lilies

Steinbrueck’s Garden

For more than 30 years the couple Steinbrueck has been cultivating lilies. Currently they rank among Germany’s most successful lily breeders. A broadcast with an interview with Gerhardt and Eva Steinbrueck is in preparation.

The pictures show the garden house of the Steinbruecks in the garden colony “Alte Baumschule” in Berlin-Pankow, some views of the garden, the kindergarden of this year’s lilies, a small selection of won certificates, photographs of Eva’s lily arrangements and the official catalogue of the Royal Horticultural Society, where new breeds must get registrated. A poetic peculiarity of the Steinbrueck breeds are their names: a local reference must be involved, be it the variety “Pankower Eleganz” (Elegance of Pankow) or the  “Brandenburger Revue”. Thus, Berlin can be found world-wide even in the shape of a lily!

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A focus of attention is placed on the “OT-hybrids” originating from the orient and trumpet lilies. The pictures show the following jewels from the lily garden of the Steinbrueck’s:”Shocking”, “Arvandrund”, “Conca d’Or”, “Robert Swanson”, a still unbaptized lily  (Tetra Black Beauty x Journey’s End), the Asian hybrid “Hamamet” and “Juan de Fuga”.

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