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Das Studio aus dem Wintergarten wird unter den Pflaumenbaum verlegt: Performances, Konzerte und Klangaktionen in freier Luft.

The Datscha performance and concert garden is a wild yet poetic combination of musicians, performing artists, apiculturists and philosophical minded DJs and writers.

According to our theme days we’ll share with you accoustic wonders and adventures from black&white gardens and hidden elements to private bee stories, wired pans and pots, arctic soul searching, musical nightshades and mud boogies, German strange pop,  watering can trumpeting… and more

Main time slots for all of this is between 4 pm until 11pm, varying times, please check with our daily broadcasting plan available on this site from the 25th on.

You are welcome to visit: If, please follow the directions given under “Directions”. The entry is free, donations for creature’s comfort are okay, sending an email before is highly appreciated as the Datscha and its surroundings are not equipped for a large influx.

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