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Conrad Ferdinand

He was a man of many interests, some great loves in his life and one obsession: PLANTS! Forthcoming soon are a documentation of the visit to the Melbourne herbarium at the Royal Botanic garden and interviews with Pina Milne, Managing Director of the Herbarium’s Collections and with Sara Maroske, a researcher, publisher and renowned expert on the biography of German botanist Ferdinand von Mueller, showcasing some of his handwritings and personal belongings.

Keep patient – translation and more images will follow.

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bleeding heart 2

Eigentlich ist es noch Spätfrühling… Die Datscha erfährt wundersame Aufräumaktionen und sensationelle Reparaturen (Wasser!). Der abendliche Rundgang: Viel Pink und Blau und ein Ballett nahezu entblätterter Päonien.


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